Who are we?

Muxette Pte Ltd is a custom apparel manufacturer incorporated in Singapore with manufacturing facilities overseas. We are a partnership of a few passionate individuals with vast experience in marketing, designing and manufacturing.

We are able to tailor products based on client requirements. The products’ sample is then produced by our own sample department for client’s approval before production starts. Most of our products are manufactured in our own production team wholly owned by one of our partner. This gives us the advantage of product control and direct interaction with manufacturing floor.

Our Mission

Our factories are constantly on the lookout for new quality materials and unique designs to set us apart from our competitors. Our mission has always been “To create well-designed products that are unique and functional, leaving a lasting impression.”

High Quality, Exceptional Experience

Muxette prides itself in delivering exceptional customer experience with our designed products, as well as maintaining a long-term relationship with every customer.

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