Hoodies – Why You Should Customise Your Own

Customised Hoodie Singapore

Many may think that customising a hooded sweater would be pricy and believe that the process will be too time consuming. Trust us. Our service in providing our customers with countless print design options as well as tailored fabrics is both affordable and smooth. With a touch of personalised style and creativity, you can take your brand image to the next level!

Customised Hoodie

Customised hoodies are a cost effective and incredibly versatile option in supporting professional marketing efforts. What’s better than paid advertising? Free advertising. In the long run, consider customers wearing your hoodies around and reminding everyone of your business. Most people will not wear a brand unless they have believe in the brand. Having your customers donning your hoodie would be a significant indicator that you’ve made it as a brand.

Besides corporate bodies, schools and sports teams are also ordering hoodies en masse as they are comfortable and timeless; embodying a sense of camaraderie and community. Alumni proudly don their Alma Mater’s colours and threads — how else would they be able to “show off” where they’re from?

Hoodies will always be relevant, despite Singapore’s usually humid weather. To the young, it may be more about fashion. To the older, it’s more likely about function. Regardless, both young and old appreciate the look and feel of wearing hoodies.

At Muxette, when customers come to us to customise and produce their apparel, we always provide suggestions and advice.
We certainly enjoy the process when it comes to hoodies, and look forward to working with you.

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